Skype is one of the leading communication tools we use today, and it has drastically changed the landscape in how people connect. In the early days of the Internet, people communicated with friendly emoticons. Many may remember that there were only about five, and they had to be typed in manually. Hard coders got more creative and added more advanced emoticons that expressed more complicated emotions. This was accomplished through small html tags such as :-D for a big smiley or :-( for a sad face. These were a blast to use. But in the waning years of the web here, emoticons have become slightly less relevant. They just did not work as well, and the freshness of them faded.

Emoticons Evolved

But skype sign in has embedded a whole slew of new emoticons to their arsenal that express far more than just a simple emotion. As a matter of fact, the idea of an emoticon has evolved greatly. No longer is it all about a smile or a frown. Now, it is a small subniche in its own right. People download new emoticon packs. Some of these may include:

Grumpy cat

A friendly series of animal emoticons

Action emoticons

Facebook icons (i.e. thumbs up, thumbs down)

Emoticons have evolved to include things that express more than just an emotion. It has brought the fun back in something that is almost absurdly simple.


How to Use Emoticons Right?

But just like anything, emoticons can be overused. There is humor in adding one or two sporadically throughout a conversation. In a casual conversation, they make it a little fun without being obnoxious. There are also downloads that one can pick up to get more emoticons, and part of the charm is in sending someone a new emoticon they have yet to see. Some have even developed a bit of a cult following of sorts.

But emoticons should really stay out of professional meetings. There are a few that can help accentuate a certain point, but they should be used extremely sparingly. Skype is, by nature, a rather casual download. But in a professional manner, it is easy to fall back into that casual environment. Skype should remain professional when it matters, and that means keeping the emoticon button away.

Emoticons have been around since the beginning. But moderation is important in keeping them around in the future. Visit Skype Login to learn more and skype free download today to take advantage of these neat design features.


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